How to make the end portal

Items needed : any prop, waypoint, teleporter and 8 barriers

First place down your prop and set damage on and chose your hp (500 recommended). Next place down your waypoint and set active on game start to no also set the waypoint name to ender portal .

Then wire the prop to the waypoint and set it to prop destroyed activate waypoint.

Finally place down your teleporter and make the destination where your end is going to be and build a frame around it like this.

And that’s it your end portal system hope you like it! (

note in the nether place a crafting table where if you zap
enough sentry’s it will give you items to craft a weapon for the barrier)


This is a little short, but good guide!

also if you wanted to take extra time you could make sure that any other gadget (except the one you got from the nether) couldn’t be alowed by the prop

this seems nice!

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this seems nice!
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