How to make the end game Widget say "This (person/class) won!" after game ends? (NO SOLUTION YET)

I have a specific class in my Red Vs Blue game called “The Witch”. The Witch wins by being the last person alive in the game, how do I make my end game Widget say “The Witch” has won, or “Red” has won, or “Blue” has won?


I don’t know how to detect who has won, maybe using teams?

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The only issue I have with this is that the game ends as soon as one person is left, so using a notifier wouldn’t work.

Ok, so make a property.( default : Red
Now, if the witch wins: Trigger trigger: then block code: Set property to Witch Wins
Do the same thing if blue wins.
If red does, leave it alone

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Sorry this is a little hard to follow.

Property Default is Red
If Team 3 (witch) wins use a trigger to trigger another trigger to set the property to Witch Wins
Repeat for Blue win
Leave the property alone if Red wins.

Im not sure how to detect which team wins in a trigger though.

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yeah kinda, you know block code?

Yeah I know how to do the block code, I’m just not sure how to detect which team wins.

I’ll make you a little mini-guide on this tomorrow if it’s not solved by then.

1st Answer:
You could change the settings to have “knocked out” players turn into spectators, and then connect it to an un-closable pop-up for about 10 minutes or so, before going to the rest of the pop-ups.
2nd Answer:
Create a property with the name — and connect that to a end of game widget device.

I’m sure you can get the winner with “get score” variables, but I don’t have time to experiment all that much now.