How to make teleporter out of protection zone(timed)

in tag, there is a limit to the amount of time you can stay inside your base, where no one can tag you. How can i recreate that?

um barrir’s? have you tried that

no i’ve done that, i want to know if i can time it so the person is teleported out of their base after, say, 45 seconds

oh like that um let me think

Put a trigger that triggers when the player is tagged. The trigger has a delay of 45 seconds. When triggered, it teleports you to a portal outside the base.

but if the person already left, wouldnt it tp them back either way?

Hmmm, maybe put a zone by the base. When player leaves the zone, it deactivates the trigger, and then 0.1 seconds later (using a wire repeater), it activates it. The trigger’s active scope would need to be player.

k thanks
is there a way to have two different overlays both in the same place?
example: text overlay on top left and number overlay in top left

no, but you can probably combine them into one overlay using blocks

well my number overlay is a timer, so the text disappears

Make a zone attached to a repeater. When player enters zone (spawn in) activate the repeater to a counter. When counter reaches 0, activate a teleporter to kick the player out. When player leaves zone: deactivate repeater and reset counter.