How to make teleporter limited to one team and another for the other

I understand spawn pads but thoses only work for pre-game and start of game. I want to teleport the teams to their sides at one specific point in the game.

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Hook a team switcher to a teleporter. When team switched----> teleport here

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The players are already on their teams though.

Oh ok, sorry for the mix up.

What exactly are you trying to do??

Have the portals NOT activated on game start, set down a trigger that only team x can trigger, which activates the portals on a scope. I cannot remember if that is something you can do, so if it isn’t do a similar idea, but cover the portal with barriers (the ones you dont want team y to have access to) and deactivate for team x

you can use a wire repeater to only allow a certain team to use a certain teleporter, just you have to use wires ;-;

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Pretty much an overtime mode in my capture the flag game. The players will add 5 minutes manually to the time and be automatically be teleported to their sides in a mini version of capture the flag for overtime mode.

you can make them respawn on overtime ig

that would be the simplest solution

My idea is to have a lifecycle that starts on game start. Have this lifecycle be wired to a repeater. This repeater is then wired to a counter that is set to the amount of seconds (convert minutes to seconds) that you have until “overtime” don’t forget to set the repeater’s task interval to 1 second. Set the counter’s target value to 0. Wire that counter to teleporters for the respective teams. When the counter reaches 0, the teleporters should be actived, if you wired them. It’s not memory-efficient but it should work.

Edit: you need to do this for every team.

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this is actually way better than my suggestion lol

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talk about thinking outside the box

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please mark a solution if you have one

eh, i kinda used the same system for my hide and seek map, but it’s wired to lasers rather than teleporters.

Interesting concept… I feel like there are more memory efficient ways, however…

yeah there probably is lol

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I have this already but instead it counts up. The problem is making each team teleport to a different spot.

Ok so it is a specific spot you want it to be teleported to? At what point in the game?

you need it for every team