How to make super rich mode?

so I’ve been wondering, how do you make a super rich mode with all the pop ups and all that very advanced stuff

How does super rich mode work again?
(It’s been a while since I played the 1D Modes, brings back memories :smiling_face_with_tear:)

so basically you start the gimkit game, you answer questions, then you get streaks. But you actually never see your gim, you basically playing the game in a popup

you kinda need to see the mode to understand, (maybe you could start a quick round of super rich mode to see how it looks like again)

I think I remember something about it giving you more money.
Instead of popups, you can simulate the game from barriers, questioners and/or overlays to show the question

@Apoll02 made a 2D Platformer game on the wix, you should check it out, he used a barrier to hide the player’s gim.

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oh, okay, thanks!

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