How to make special effects [✨]

Yeah, I tested it too and it doesn’t work.

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Good Guide! This is awesome.


Welcome to the forums @Vespera !

Welcome to the forums @Vespera !
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I tried that but its mad buggy when you try using the same ball to reaper it but it could easily one use fire works or explosion

there is no way that they can’t see the ball you can adjust the size but the size i’m using is the smallest it will always show for a split second

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I already tested that it doesn’t color change

hehe funny explosion go boom!
Great guide!

Welcome to the forums, @Vespera!

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Welcome to the forums @Vespera !

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The Community Made Guides category is also very useful, posts there give you a gist of the rules and mechanics in Gimkit Creative.

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After all, this is a Community Forum :slight_smile:

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Whoa thats one way to say it lol!

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it feels like it only works once, then the ball just stays there.

Any solutions?

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Umm. Ok. Just please don’t link it to your bio.


Why? It shows the main point on were I found it.

Because we don’t need for the first thing new users see is your bio


i’ve tried to find one, none so far

Amazing! I’ll def be using this in my RPGs.

Is is that bad to show the point of origin for the quote I made? i believe If new users come across my quote, they would be interested to know where it originated from. I would personally want to know the origin if I came across a quote. Is there any rule against showing the origin of my quotes?