How to make sentry slapstick

Hey there! This is my guide to help you make sentry slapstick in your own games. Although these scenes can be hard to use within game, they can be combined with the camera point device to make interesting cutscenes for your player to watch. You can also add animation to these designs to make them more visually engaging.

Pie in the face

This is a design of a classic slapstick element. It shows a sentry throwing a pie into another the face of another sentry, covering the target in pie filling.

This is a fairly simple design, composing of just 2 sentries, one text device (for the pie emoji🥧), 3 medium snow piles, and one large snow pile. Layer the snow piles on top of the pie and the sentry to make them look like a blob of whipped cream on the face of the sentry. You can tint the snow piles to make them look like other fillings such as cherry jam, grape jelly, or even pumpkin filling.

Oversized hammer

This is another classic, showing a scene where a sentry crushes another sentry with an oversized hammer.

This design is easy to make, composing of just 3 props and 2 sentries. The hammer is made of a wooden stump, a dark wooden pole, and a molten lava bucket (Tinted 140:140:140). The sizing of the stump is very finicky, but try to align the points of the stump with the edges of the molten lava bucket.

Falling bucket

This design shows a prank that will completely soak a sentry. As the sentry opens, a door, the sudden motion triggers a bucket to fall. This is the first scene that only depicts 1 sentry, but you can add another sentry watching this prank unfold.

This design uses terrain, props, and a sentry device. The elements needed are 5 dark wooden poles(for the doorframe), a water-filled bucket, a lot of blackboard legs(Tinted 0:0:0), a metal cup(Tinted 255:187:0), and an unsuspecting sentry. The wall is constructed of terrain, but the rest is props. The blackboard legs are aligned to create a open door, and the metal cup acts as a doorknob. Be sure to tilt the bucket so that it looks as if it is falling onto the sentry.

Swinging paint bucket

Inspired by Home Alone, this design shows a sentry climbing up a flight of stairs. However, someone has pushed a can of paint, causing it to come swinging toward the sentry. Similar to the falling bucket, you can add another sentry sending more cans down the stairs.

This is the most complicated design. For the stairs, use blackboard legs, black barriers, and space trash to add a 3d aspect. the paint can is made of a horseshoe and a molten lava bucket(Both tinted 0:0:255), and the rope they are swinging from is a parenthesis ( in the font kalam.

By Yolk



Awesome Guide, Infinites Uses


Prop Art Is Crazy, The Door Is Amazing,The Stairs Are The Best


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the swinging paint bucket (home alone reference)

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Very funny guide. I love the 3d stairs and the Home Alone reference.

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These are hilarious!
Great little easter eggs to make the player giggle.
Amazing prop art!


Hilarious guide, @Yolk!

this is art.