How to make sentry not be able to fire weapons until you talk to them?

Yes, I want the sentry to attack , the one not on my team, when I talk to him. Everything works, but the sentry not on my team is invisible, but the talk button shows.

When you talk to him he will get activated and damage you.

Like I said it works, but he is invisible

is the sentry activated on game start?

yes it is but it is invisible

can you send the settings?

Sentries can be invisible if you place too many of them in one area or if it’s inactive on game start.

ok hold up let me screenshot it

You don’t have to do that, just delete the wire.

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how do i delete the wire?

By clicking the eraser button and hovering over the wire.
Make the eraser erase wires so it’ll be easier.

the eracer at the top corner of your screen

ok thanks @Haiasi and @gimmaster12345

You’re welcome, @tspentakota!

They want a Sentry though. @tspentakota Maybe make two sentries both on top of each other. Have the friendly one disabled and make the non-friendly one enabled. Make sure that the friendly sentry is on your team.


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