How to make scuffed building. Difficulty 2/10

Devices you will need: barrier, button

First choose the area you want to be able to build in.

Take a barrier and make it hidden on start of game

make a hidden button that is set to instant

wire the button to the barrier and set it to button pressed > activate barrier

Put the button and barrier on top of eachother

copy and paste the barrier and button onto every tile you want to be able to build on

Your done :slight_smile:


Nice Guide!
You might want to blur out your personal information…

nice! (the spinning rat tho)


Spinning rat = W
The ratters are growing
Still blur it out

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It’s not really art though.

oh yeah let me fix that real quick

Nice job! Just remember to keep your personal information to yourself. Like what Haiasi said, make sure to blur/crop out the search and taskbar! Take your time, though. No pressure.

(spinning rat lol)

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i fixed it!

Sooooo, when you press a button, it opens a bit of the building? You can also make it so when you press a button, you buy a part of a building

Ok, thanks!

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when you press the invisible button it builds a wall on the tile you are standing

Oh, okay

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