How to make SCROLLING end Credits

Hey, Jelly here! Today I’m going to show you how to create your very own scrolling end credits! This is useful for Minecraft recreations or other end-of-game features dedicated to credits. While there are many types of end credits, I am going to make scrolling ones for this tutorial.
Devices needed:
-1x Speed Modifier
-2x Teleporters
-A lot of Text
Recommended devices (Extra):
-1x Speed Modifier
-2x Button
-1x Teamswitcher
Now, let’s get into the tutorial. Firstly, let’s work on the mechanism that teleports you to the credits room. You can make this with buttons or just teleporters. Next, you don’t want your credits going 5,000 miles per hour, do you? Place a Speed Modifier down and set the targeted speed to whatever you want. I recommend 0.2 to 0.45.

Screenshot 2024-03-05 9.59.22 AM

After placing the speed modifier, wire it to the Button. Button Pressed–> Set player to configured speed.

This makes it so that the player is set to the speed when they are teleported there. Now for the credits. Place down the Text device. Set it to the creators of the map or whatever you want. Press “Enter” in between creditors. Or you can place down more text. That is it!

In Minecraft, players are set to world spawn when they finish the credits, so to do this, place down a ** Button**, a **Speed Modifier, and a Respawner.

Call the button whatever you want and configure the setting as you wish. I recommend hiding the button. Wire the button to the respawned: Button Pressed → respawn Player.

Lastly, wire the Button to the Speed Modifier. The wire should say: Button Pressed → Set Player to Configured Speed.

Final product:

Hope this helps improve your world!


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device settings and wires


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