How to make regenerating health 🟩; CHECK REPLY 38 WHEN USING THIS GUIDE

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This only works for the game host because the game host triggered the event.
So you need a relay to broadcast the health regen to all players


This is actually a really cool guide!



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Thank You For This Helpful Guide. It Gave Me A lot of Tips For The Repeater Too, I Has Some Trouble With That! Thank You For the Informative Pictures Too! :+1:


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You can use wire repeaters to use up less memory. Like this:

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So this guides was made long before I figured out that you could just use wire repeaters to save memory. Unfortunately, I was past the editing limit by the time I found out. Here’s the more efficient version.

To replicate a repeater, you could just connect a trigger to a wire repeater, then the wire repeater to the trigger. Just like in the guide, connect the lifecycle to the trigger (ignore that I forgot the wires in the screenshot) to trigger it. Then, connect the trigger to the health granter. This saves a ton of memory compared to the repeater. If you want to deactivate the system, deactivate the trigger.


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