How to make realistic trains in gimkit! [🟩]

Step one place down text, the steam (engine emoji) then increase its size to 144

Step two then place down the train car emoji and encrease its size to 144 put it next to the steam engine.
You can make as many train cars or steam engines as you want! This is how it will look in the end (one engine variation)

And there you go a really cool but simple custom decoration for your gimkit maps. You can also experiment with different train emojis! Have fun With your new trains!!!

Very easy I think some people would’ve figured it out but, great guide

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Well, now its been flagged, so…


Nobody reply anymore… off topic

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why flagged? :sob: (whyy)

It was just a text box and an emoji

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Well the trains are customizable.

Umm… Where’d the guide go? (I got so exited :smiling_face_with_tear: )

fr me too (character limit sucks)

If you want a GKC-made guide, then look here:

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