How to make players respawn only in a certain area after a counter hits it's target value

So I’m making a game where I have a counter connected to a loop and when the counter hits it target value I need to respawn players in a certain area only but I can’t figure out how to do it and I don’t know if its even possible, so I’m hoping someone can tell me if it’s possible or if it’s not.

make the spawn pad time period mid game

Welcome to the forums, @Corrstud !! Connect the counter to a respawn manager and make it so it respawns the player when the timer reaches its set amount

anything (mostly) is possible

err yeah but uh its only supposed to affect players in a certain area, and that affects all players.

So make a respawn device. It should be wired from a trigger. When the counter reaches the target, it should be triggered. This should also be inactive on game start. After this, make the zone activate the trigger when the player enters and deactivate it when the player exits.

(This is @mysz post from a different help topic)

Player presses button (that activates checkpoint) → Increment Counter (that is tied to property “checkpointlevel”)

Player Knocked Out (lifecycle) → Trigger

Block code:

broadcast message on channel (create text with) [checkpoint] (get property) [checkpointlevel]

Then, have teleporters teleport you to a certain place, like at checkpoint1 and stuff.

Modify it to fit your needs

Mine doesn’t need block code.

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Wait… that’s for checkpoints, not for selective killing.

I think we read the title differently

wait that could work

it works.

Ok. Where’s the trigger though?

ok so i switched the trigger for a zone and if your in that zone when the counter reaches its target value you die, and the second counter is to deactivate the zone when it hits it target.

Can you activate and deactivate a respawner?

well no but you can deactivate the zone that respawns you

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