How to make notification

And then click the + button, go to wire and place a wire onto the button to the notification device like magenta dragon said

(Button) Button Pressed —> (Notification) Send Notification

But the button down. And go back to devices and search notification. Do you got that, bob?

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(takes whereismyhat’s hat and hides somewhere…) bad haiasi!

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got that part i wired it to the button

No wire the button to the notification.

You could use this guide to know all about the notification. Just check the notification tab.

yea i ment button to noification

nope its button wired to the notification not notification wired to the button

okay that should work

ok so when i put the thing I want to do it will work

Now test ingame by pressing the play button.

thank goodness :relieved:

My brain cannot process this humor


Uhh, that’s kinda off-topic though.

Its fine bud dont flag it, hes the tim guy.


Yeah i’m trying to help out


he’s always like that its fine he rarely posts off-topic in here anyways


so I don’t know if it did work or not )":

Test it bud. Its not that hard to wire a button to a notification. Make sure there are words in the notification.

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Click the :arrow_backward: in the bottom-right corner to start the game