How to make NO refills?

I know some of you might mention quantum machineguns but what about the slingshot or P.M.L? (Other weapons no reload)

You can change if you need to have the item to reload in settings.

Go the the map settings and set infinite refills to yes.
This won’t change the reload though.

Not about infinite refills (like no ammo) Just how to spam stuff without refilling!

Like not having reload time and just keep spamming

Keep regranting and taking away the weapon using a repeater every 0.5 seconds.

With other weapons, please.

Yeah, this guide should work.

Just adjust it for different weapons.
If it works, don’t forget to mark a solution!

But won’t it be troublesome to spam 2 while shooting a snowball launcher?

You can just adjust the trigger delay.
Check this post:

Yeah, if you adjust the trigger delay then it should work.

Thanks! I’ll try it for now

Basically the more of ammo a weapon has, make the trigger/repeater delay longer

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