How to make my poppy playtime gimkit get more plays

please help i need more plays with my poppy playtime gimkit

You shouldn’t be putting that type of stuff in here. Just put the link in your bio.

NO codes on the forum! Other than that, you could make sure your game is completely polished and free of bugs.

wait no just go to search in discovery and it is called poppy playtime 1 with huggy wuggy face

You cant advertise games on the forums.

make sure its free of bugs and problems like @ClicClac said. give it a good thumbnail, (lots of people here can help with that.) and put the name of the game in the description so its easier to search for.
its also a good idea to publish on a weekday, when kids are in school. gimkitters are less active during out of school hours.

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mhhh ok ill do all those things

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