How To Make My Inventory System Look Better

Im making a game with crafting recipes, and I added an inventory system, its fully functional, but I think it looks kinda bad. I need it to fit on one screen, because it is supposed to be accessible through a game overlay button.
Here are the pictures;
This is the block code, the properties used here are hooked up to item inventory managers that change the properties according to the amount of the item

This is what the popup looks like. Honestly, just making the items each have their own line would make this inventory system look 1000x better.
Screenshot 2024-01-21 9.28.33 PM
So what can i do to make this look better

I’d change the format to a list instead. It would show up as
Inventory | You have _ Gray fish, _Green fish, …
The order would be a space, the amount of the item, the item, then a comma. To change the list going on and suddenly ending with a comma, I’d add an “item” the players will not lose, like a map, or a pair of old sneakers. I would also add the Backpack symbol (icons/Backpack) in the Icon Image section.


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