How to make my game unique

what’s your game about? what things do you have in it already? also, you can’t post codes here ( just in case you were gonna do that)

i’m making a game called ROBO RUCTION the only problem is that it is to simalar to one way out

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ahoy, welcome to the forums @guy_the_person remember to read:

welcome to the forums @guy_the_person

i have different enemys at different strengths, a test dummy, crafting to upgrade weapons and that’s about it

Maybe add an area for pvp and you can choose a kit

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robo ruction is a co-op game

i have to go offline now bye

Add unique decoration.

ok ill try

ooooh i think i have 2 idea inspired off this , thanks

Np happy to help

shouldn’t something unique come from the yourself?

Here are some guides (Can’t remember the others for some reason):

How about you make a secret area with a mini boss and that mini boss gives you an op item or an advangtage.

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Welcome to the forums @guy_the_person ! Maybe you could add a secret passage/room, or a secret weapon room (similar to one way out). If you need any further help, please just let me know!

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bro you just copied me

You said

I said

What I meant is a secret hallway or room leading to another section in the map, the weapon part I got from One Way Out, sorry for the confusion

O okay, sorry for confessing