How to make modals pop up when interacting with an item?

I’m trying to make a map in ginkit creative, and I want to be able to interact with paper, then for a modal (or a large pop up that obstructs the center of the screen until they click off), but I’m unsure how to even make the paper interacttable, let alone hook up the pop up to it.

(Also for the solution u can make the button invisible to players)

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just wire a button to a popup

Welcome t the Community @TheRealGachaTuber! And you can make a paper interactable, but not to were it will show the map you made. You can only put text/emojison a paper that is interactable. Sorry.

Tbh I just need to put some sort of text on it when they interact with it, kinda like in some of the real game modes.

Well you can do that, but I am not exactly sure how.

you could connect the button to a trigger that runs a wire pulse block on some text, and in the texts block code do the “Create text with” block

to fit it on the paper prop, change the text size

I’m on gimkit creative rn so I’ll try that out

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Alright it worked! Thx a lot!

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