How to Make JCGoL [partly devlog]


i will make more after my piano class today

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@Kosm0-o okay im back i whall start working on it

i wont do much today tho

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idc. im just here for the end product, whenever that is! :D


Pls add more if you’re online still @DXCTYPE! super mega bump!!!


“On Wednesday, May 29th, I must turn my Chromebook and charger in. This means I will be very inactive.”

You might have to wait till after summer.


but he doesn’t have infinite edit time… this is closing soon…

Make it a wiki!

the guy isn’t a regular so they can’t
@DXCTYPE if edit time runs out and you don’t finish I’m moving this to devices so you can mark a solution later


Pls dont move it to devices for now… Maybe

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he has 15 days with edit time

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I didn’t know devlogs were allowed on the forums.

As long as a guide comes with it, it’s probably ok. As long as there arent a bunch I think it’s really cool!