How to make it to when you run out of energy you switch to spetator

what it says up there

first you need to track energy and put a property

Use an iim and have it track energy, make it so when they run out of the resource it goes to a team switcher and switches them to spectator

then use a trigger and put the code
if [property name] is less than or equal to 0, broadcast message to [team switcher channel]
else continue.

yeah use the inventory item manager and trigger the trigger whenever you want to check.

Wait can’t you use checkers and save a lot of memory because you don’t have to use block code?

i have found the chekcers are not reliable at the slightest.

i use checkers kinda

i can show you how to do it if u want. I can send a picture.

I thought the checker bugs were fixed…?

idk. But i wouldnt take the chance.

also what’s a iim or is it imm

inventory item manager

Inventory item manager

yes pls thank you thank you

property should be

iim should be
and make sure item u want to track is energy

code should be

Lifecycle event

in the trigger loop delay the driggers by some amount.

team switch

so that is your setup

tell me if it works and make sure to mark a solution if it does.

what do you mean by the code

the code in one of the triggers. THe blocks