How to make it to if you have a zapper but you don't have it in use you can press a button and if you have a zapper in your hand it will open a popup

Kinda tricky JUST HELP

Please use proper grammar in the future. And then, Button → Checker → Popup: Button Pressed → Check if Zapper Amount > 0, Check Passed → Open Popup @leo1


ok! I will sorry ill be more profesinal but tysm

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I fixed the grammar in the title

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Does my reply help, though?

I am really confused maby simplify it or add pictures

So, get a Button, A Checker, and a popup. Now, wire the Button to the Checker, with “Button Pressed → Run Check”. The Checker should check if the player has a zapper in the Check #1 section. Then, wire the Checker to the popup, with “Check Passed → Open Popup”

is this better, @leo1?

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Screenshot 2024-02-20 19.11.13
like this?

Yes. Can I see the settings in your checker?

like that the button connects to checker checker runs to popup? if so TYSM and have a nice night!

Yes! It’s correct!


Do Greater than 0, or if you have multiple legendary zappers it won’t work. Then you’re done!

what I meant is that if u have the evil eye to where u can shoot it it will open 1 popup and if its not where u can shoot it but still in ur inventory It opens up a nother popup

and theres only 1 evel eye

Oh, you want to sense if you can shoot the gadget? Sorry, but that’s Impossible. I think, at least

its all good maby if I ut it to where it says drop ur weapon or not and if they do then it ends and if not it opens a popup
if thats good I’ll do that!

That can work, too.

for the last one there is currently no way to detect whether or whether not you are holding anything

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