How to make it so you can only fish when you have bait (and one bait = one fish)

plz help the fishing doesn’ work it’s either the out of bait popup only shows up when you dont have bait but when you do nothing happens or you can fish without needing bait.

use a checker to check if you have bait before fishing

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I also changed the title to explain the problem better

thx but i do have a checker and if you dont have bait it deactivates the trigger and i think thats what broke it

Screenshot 2024-02-11 1.15.30 PM

this is the first checker

You should change the amount to 1 so when you have bait you get fish and if you have none nothing happens.

Change it to Above zero, because if you have 2, it says you can’t if you set it to an equal to

Oh yeah, I forgot about that.

Thx but now if you have one bait you can fish 2x

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Did you follow a specific guide? And could I see your block code?

sure but for which device?

Whatever the fishing system is in. Also, gtg, be on later.

Screenshot 2024-02-12 7.52.03 AM


Screenshot 2024-02-12 7.52.52 AM

this is now my checker

and wire from that checker to the “Out of Bait Popup”

gtg will be back later

Use a vending machine!
When Button “fish” pressed ------> attempt to purchase for 1 bait

Yes, DragonFlagon872 is correct. I use the vending machine all the time for my fishing games with it. Please make a solution if it works!

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Also, did you want to make pop-ups during the game when you don’t have bait or have bait?

That’s what the checker is for.