How to make it so you can only fish when you have bait (and one bait = one fish)

Whatever the fishing system is in. Also, gtg, be on later.

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Screenshot 2024-02-12 7.52.52 AM

this is now my checker

and wire from that checker to the “Out of Bait Popup”

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Use a vending machine!
When Button “fish” pressed ------> attempt to purchase for 1 bait

Yes, DragonFlagon872 is correct. I use the vending machine all the time for my fishing games with it. Please make a solution if it works!

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Also, did you want to make pop-ups during the game when you don’t have bait or have bait?

That’s what the checker is for.

[Getting a Vending Machine]
Okay, you probably know what a vending machine looks like, so look at the next instructions :slight_smile:

[Making it Invisible]

Immediately after scrolling down, you will find the visible or not visible button.

[Additional Adds]

Add popups if you wish. Now you edit the vending machine. If you want bait, make sure you make the required item, bait.

Add as many baits as you want, but I’ll make it to one.

You can make what you want to grant afterwards.

Make popups if you wish. Wire it.

Item purchased ---------> Open Popup
Purchase Failed --------> Open Popup.

Also, add a questioner or a game overlay so there is a way for a player to get the bait to earn the fish you want, and that’s basically it. Add anymore additional things if you want!

I hope this helped, BlueAxolotl8166 :wink:

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well now for some reason the vending machine popup thingy that lets you but stuff isn’t appearing.

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You don’t need to make it popup if you just want the player to fish.

make a vending machine that costs 1 bait. vending machine has fish in it.
button pressed → attempt to buy item

I literally said that.

Yep, I know. People just might have similar solutions. I use the vending machine. Maybe let’s let @BlueAxolotl8166 explain what else could be fixed for the map.

Okay, but he should at least quote me!

Yeah, okay true @DragonFlagon872 . Also, sorry for the late reply as I was busy with my class.

I used a community guide so im going to use a different one, but thx for the help!

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