How to make it so where only one team can go in an area?

So, I’m making blue vs red. Both teams in the battlefield have a small area at different corners of the battlefield, where the members of that team can get a weapon and heal up. However, I want to stop the other team from getting into that base. How do I make it like that? There’s an image of an example down below. (name blocked out for personal reasons)
Screenshot 2023-09-12 10.20.57 AM

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Place down an invisble barrier at the entrance. At the game start, the barrier should be deactivated, place down a lifecycle and a relay and the relay should go to team red, and wire the lifecycle to the relay to the barrier to activate it.

Make a barrier that will allow only team 1 or 2 in.

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Like this:

Lifecycle (game start)

Relay (all players on red team (or something)

Barrier (not activate on game start, team-scoped).

Lifecycle → Relay (Event occurs → Relay trigger).

Relay trigger → Barrier (deactivate barrier).

The barrier should not be active on game start.

What is the team number to red team?

Place down two barriers, one for each team. Set “scope” to “team” for both of them. You have to look in the All Options tab to find that setting. Place down two relays, and set both of them to “all players on a specific team.” set “team” to team 1 for one relay and vice versa. Connect the relays to their respective barrier (relay triggered → deactivate barrier

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okay… i’ll try that i guess :stuck_out_tongue:

ah, okay. i’ll try that ig

What is the team number to red team?

i think its 2… maybe it’s 1?

Do relay to all players for team 2 for the relay then.

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