How to make it so when you knock someone out, you get a better weapon?

What it said on the top

In a knockout manager, create block code that says if a property equals true, broadcast message on channel and set property (whatever you want it to be called) value (get property plus 1). Create a copy and name the first property something else, but set the second property to the one we used in the first if statement. Place that inside the first if statement. (Use the else if slot.) The first one is the straightest weapon and the second one is the next to strongest weapon. Repeat this until you reach the first weapon you get after knocking out someone. Make sure to set the properties to true/false properties using a property device. Hopefully someone can provide a picture(I’m on mobile) if this is confusing.

Alternatively, you can use this post:

But you would have to make it so it removes the old weapon before it grants you the upgraded one.

This question reminds me of mysz’s Gimkit Arsenal. This guide should help:

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remove the weapon through a negative health granter, btw

Do you mean a negative item granter?


just give me a guide

You can edit the item granting part to your desire.


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bruh, all these guides aren’t helping!

Try this post?

Have you read them all?