How to make it so that when a player enters a zone then they die

I need help figuring it out help pls.

Add a zone and wire it to some lasers that will cover the area(you can also just wire the zone to a respawn device).

is this zone just a zone they aren’t allowed to go in or is it a trap bc you could use a load of teleporters to bring a person back to another area if its not a trap

Like this

add a zone and a respawner and wire the zone to the respawner player enters zoone respawn player
please note that respawns don’t count as ko’s so if this is a battle royale or something make sure to wire the zone to change whatever thing you need for kos


wire the zone to a teleporter
player enters zone – teleport here
make sure the teleporter is out of sight.
Now place a laser over the teleporter that deals 99999 damage. This will count as a ko and will kill the player
If this works, mark a solution!


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