How to make it so that a team can't respawn after their bed is destroyed

This is my first guide so all criticism is welcome.

Disclaimer: This is a guide in which you can use to make a team of player’s not respawn after their death.

Items you need

1x Medieval bed
1x Team Switcher
1x Knockout manager
1x Counter

Step 1

Place down the medieval bed, make sure the prop has health.
Screenshot 2024-05-18 5.37.04 PM

Step 2

Place down a counter; make sure its target value is 0 and its starting value is 1:
Screenshot 2024-05-18 5.37.23 PM

Screenshot 2024-05-18 5.37.12 PM

Step 3

Place a knockout manager and change its active scope to team
And make sure it isn’t active when the game starts

Step 4

Place a team switcher and make sure the team selected is spectators.


This is what you do after all the steps above.
Bed → counter
When prop destroyed, decrement counter

Counter → Knockout Manager
Target value reached, Activate manager

Knockout Manager → Team Switcher
Target knocked out, Switch player to configured team.


This is a bit short, and maybe a bit more pictures to add to this guide? Seems kinda dry a bit. Let’s ask GimAI to see what he thinks!

Oh right.

Also, there are plenty of topics like this on the forums.
Screenshot 2024-05-18 7.53.13 PM
Remember to always remember to use the search bar on the top right of your screen on the forums before posing a topic! You might find something similar to your answer. It’s really handy dandy.

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All of them are a bit outdated, so he should be fine.

Yeah, but they have the answers in em.

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Remember to use my advice that I just gave to you so you can learn from it if you want to make another guide! It’s okay though, since your a relatively new user.