How to make it so everytime somebody clicks a button it shows 2 options 1.yes when they click no it shows "*their name*does not want to"

also how do you make it so when somebody spawns from a spawn pad and buys something they get a new spawn point

Button Pressed ----> Show Popup
CTA1: Yes
CTA2: No

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For the second question, you should use a checkpoint device. This with set your spawnpoint whenever you step on it or you can link it to a wire. Check this out:

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For the first one:

  1. Get a button
  2. Get a popup
  3. Wire the button to the popup Button Pressed --> Open Popup
  4. In the popup settings, make call to action 1 titled yes
  5. In the popup settings, make call to action 2 titled no
  6. Get a notification
  7. Wire the popup to the notification Secondary call to action clicked --> run wire pulse block
  8. In the notification, click blocks in the top left
  9. Select On Wire Pulse

I hope you like my speech

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Here is how it should look:
Screen recording 2023-12-31 1.48.51 PM

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