How to make it so a whole team shares the same amount of cash

please comment a solution

Ok so one thing you can do is use an inventory item manager and a relay. You can connect the relay to whenever the item count is updated, then just set the amount of cash to the amount in the inventory item manager via blocks or something. I can’t think of how to do it on the top of my head but I’m sure you can figure something out from there. (Or someone could comment and build this up)

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I have an idea. Inside of a zone, have a repeater check every 0.5 seconds on weather or not the players score minus property X is not equal to zero. If the check passed, update the property to the new value, use a relay to clear the item from every player on a certain teams inventory, and give them the new amount of item. Copy the setup, but have a wire repeater between the repeater and the block device, so only a certain team can update a certain property.

Yeah. Just like he said make a relay, lifecycle, inventory item manager, overlay
Connect the relay to lifecycle, make it all players on one team, make the inventory item manager manage cash and you can set a limit to that (if you dont want then delete it) then set the relay to show the popup, make it tracked item, make it cash. If you already have questioner overlay on top left and energy overlay on top right, make the cash bottom left