How to make it so a player can deactivate a trigger and not deactivate it for everyone else

I am making a game where there’s a notification chain which is a timer and at the end of the timer everyone on one team in a zone gets teleported to a location on the map. However, if a player exits the zone, they are supposed to not get teleported. I’ve used a relay and a trigger for this, but what ends up happening is when a player leaves the zone, they deactivate the trigger and nobody ends up getting teleported, even the players still in the zone. I know there is an “active scope” setting on the trigger that you can change to “player” and it’s supposed to deactivate it for only that player, but it doesn’t work so I was hoping someone may have ideas on how to manually do this. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Just for clarification, if a person on team one is in the zone, then they get teleported. But anyone on another team, regardless if they are in the zone or not, doesn’t get teleported, correct?

Yeah, only team one gets teleported.

Well, just make it so that only team one can trigger it.

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I already have it so that one team can trigger it, its just that when one player from the team deactivates the automatic trigger, it deactivates it for everyone else on the team.

Why do you need it to be deactivated? I have to go now, so I hope someone else can help you. Have a good night!

If a player leaves the zone, it deactivates the trigger which prevents that player from being teleported as well.

Ok thank you so much for your time :slight_smile:

Unless you want players to be able to leave, you could just temporarily block them in by putting barrier props around the zone, setting the prop scope to player, set the prop to not visible on game start, then have the props around the zone hooked to a channel to show the prop when someone walks into the zone

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You wired it so that it activates when they enter, and deactivates when they leave, right? Also, the scope is player on the zone, too, right?

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There’s a setting in the trigger called “Active Scope” or something like that. It’s in the availability tab of the trigger. Set this to player.

Thanks for being so specific!

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Yes correct. Although I checked and I couldn’t find a scope setting on the zone. I don’t know if maybe there’s a bug in the system and that’s why the trigger scope doesn’t work? Btw for context it’s a teacher vs student game and at the start of the game the students spawn in the playground and they have to get into the school before the timer ends or they will be teleported into the principal’s office.

That’s a good idea! The only thing is its supposed to allow the players to all exit the zone if they want to, and so that the ones that exit don’t get teleported while the ones that are still inside do get teleported. Its supposed to be a teacher vs student game where at the start of the game, the students spawn in the playground and they have 25 seconds to get inside the school or else they get teleported to the principal’s office.

Have you looked at the trigger’s availability scope?

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Yeah, that was what I thought of, change the scope to player, and you should be good

Yeah, its already set to player, but I have a lot of wires so maybe I made a mistake somewhere that messes up that setting so i’ll check to make sure I didn’t miss anything!

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