How to make it look like its raining

Pretty simple, just needs aesthetic rain.

i dont think thats possible sorry

Use blueish textboxes with the “|” symbol that show and hide.
(I.e Wire Repeaters and/or Triggers)
You can also use big tinted barriers that activate and deactivate for thunderstorms to mess with the lighting of the game.

Genius, thank you Haiasi

You could use tiny blue barriers

that would produce a lot of lag

that could stop players in their tracks easily?

1: Not really, pixel-art has more lag.
It’s just a few textboxes and simple animation.

2: Replying to other post, just disable the Barrier’s collision.

still, you’ll still spend your entire day still trying to add either of those

uh what ._.
clicclac’s ___land guide took five hours straight for such a complicated project
I get he’s very good at gkc but how does placing a few textboxes and adding simple animation/pixel art take a whole day?
(Not trying to be mean or anything)

do they plan to make their map big?

Is working hard on a map not allowed?

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what, do you think IVE not done that before?

yes its allowed. never said it wasnt

I’ll try a few things but what I did was set up two triggers that would continuously trigger each other and each time they did it the blue I would appear and disappear. Though it looked very janky that way.

text box with da water emoji

text box with water emoji, paste it all over the place u want it to rain in
(can you turn text boxes? if so, turn them all at a specific degree)

split the text boxes into two groups (preferably in a checker pattern)

make the first group show when recieving channel “rainanimation1”
make it hide on channel “rainanimation2”
make the second group show on channel “rainanimation2”
make it hide on channel “rainanimation1”

get two triggers
for the triggers, set “visible” to “no” and “trigger upon player collision” to “no”
set trigger delay to 0.1
on one of them, set “when triggered, report on channel” to “rainanimation1”
on the other one, set the channel to “rainanimation2”
wire trigger 1 to trigger 2: triggered → trigger
wire trigger 2 to trigger 1: triggered → trigger

on trigger 1, make it trigger when recieving on “rain”
on both triggers, make it deactivate when recieving on “rainstop”

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