How to make hunger games

how to make a hunger games map in gimkit?

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@Glitch_Fiend Use my guide, but make SURE to have a button to press to eat. Warning: It might be hard to include all the possible ‘foods’. I would suggest just using a few type of berries, so that some of them could be deemed poisonous(Like the Blackberry could be(pretend) Nightlock, and Blueberries would just be Blueberries). You could also use fish, so that some fish is poisonous, some aren’t. You could put a notification at the start of the game that tells everyone to not believe what the name is, so you would have more fun. There isn’t really a bow in Gimkit, but I guess the weapons are. Swords aren’t really possible either. For a knife or a sword, I suggest using a lower-range weapon, like the common zapper or the common PML. I don’t really know the lowest ranged weapon in Gimkit. If you’ve read the Hunger Games, you know about the Poison Cloud in Book 2, right? You could use @Pika_Pokemon’s guide.

Hope this helped!
(Sorry for the longness of this)

P.S. I feel like I’m going to start making a Hunger Games Based game.


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thank you so much and you should, I would definitely play it

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