How to make gimnite

i see peaple just make a 1v1 ap so i made this

The chests

so first you place your model of a chest
add a button conneted to trigger it must deactivate the button (Unless you want glitches :smirk: )
Now Block Code Time :skull:

Make 2 Variable
1. A lootbox of 10 diffrent numbers or more or less depends on how much stuff you want to be in it
2. A amount amount of items to drop 1-3
'Set: LootBox: Random Intiger:  ,**1**   ,**Amount of weapons you set to**
if : Lootbox = 1 then
Broadcast on Spawner1:1 (Chest Number Then,Lootbox number)
do this as much of times you want till you have enough items`
connect a wire to trigger to button to deactivate button
The Player Counter

Place A Num property with the name of Players
place a Num property with the name of Remaining Players
Place a lifecycle with a game start setting
place a counter Connected to Players
Place a counter Connected to Remaining Players
Wire the lifecycle to add to counter players

place a text overlay and repeater ire the repeater to the run wire pulse to the overlay and on the overlay block code for run wire pulse

set text = get property, remplayers

place a knockout mannager and go to its block code on knockout

Set Property = remplayers
           Value = get property: remplayers - 1
broadcast as knocked out player on channel: Death
if remplayers = 1 then (**To make duos you must change 1 to 2**)
broadcast On end

place a team switcher that switches to spectator when reciving from Death
place a end game device thats ends the game when reciving from end


place 4 sectors of the map and set the background map to be water
1 will be sand
1 will be grass
1 will be snow
1 will be a city
its your choice


place a zone as much storm locations you want (the more storm locations means the more time the game will take)
place a damage device
wire the zone to the damage device to do 5 damage


  • 1/10
  • 2/10
  • 3/10
  • 4/10
  • 5/10
  • 6/10
  • 7/10
  • 8/10
  • 9/10
  • 10/10
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please put more details in those questions


This is a small guide, to make a full guide on this you will need all the systems, art, and mechanics. This doesn’t have that. Plus its a copyrighted game and gimkit doesn’t like when users post games on a existing game.

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First of all, you might want to add some pictures…
maybe explain this a bit more? Like the map and the storm?
Also, remember to say that this is in your own words.


I realy was in a rush cause i have to get off in like 10 mins

you can save it as a draft

done alright two i did it

every system is in there

I like how you made it so that the chest are random!

thank you epi320
very much

Im still outa likes, and i have to wait 2 min!

Anyways, yeah, you want more pictures

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who made the fortnite tag? I don’t see why we need it

:person_shrugging: people like their Fortnite related games

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Shouid i make this a wiki? so peaple can edit

also the damage devices does not exist
damage boost multiplies the damage you do

only regulars can make wikis

oh im not a regular i thought it was regular than member

yes you can be demoted to tl2 from tl3. is that how you thought of that, because that only happens after you get regular.

There is no damage device, exept lasers, which have a limit of 100.