How to Make Gimkit Tower Defense [This method is forever gimpossible]

And there would be no point, as sentries can’t broadcast channels.

Too bad moving sentries are fixed now…

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Yeah, but you know why i think they were fixed? They might be adding a moving type of sentries.

But how memory intensive will these new sentries be?

probibly double the amount of the original.

That would make sense.

Yeah, I have found nothing on this topic but it was mensioned on the fandom many times, also the wix.

Please finish this eventually- don’t give up :disappointed_relieved:
(I’m gonna use the guide)

Moving sentries has been disabled, so this doesn’t work.

Of course, there probably is a workaround.

How do you think it would work though?

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Gimkit patched the glitch were zones could affect sentries.

So this is impossible?

Well, the planned method of sentry movement was patched.

I think you could activate and deactivate sentries to accomplish the same goal.

Doesn’t carry health over.

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I’ll think about this for awhile but not carrying over health would be a problem.

@WolfTechnology If this is no longer possible, unlist this topic.

by the way if youre wondering how im in so many posts i just put every category to watching laughing out loud

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Oh Nicce, i just have notifacations via email so I get pinged, on literally everything. And Yes I will go a close and unlist this guide.