How to make forever published link? [Resolved]r

I am asking this question after finding @Blackhole927 's Graphing Calculator map and was wondering how they got that link.

Hey Anythinger! This is what is called a permalink. It uses the gimkit API to make sure the link never stops working. I am working on a version that everyone can use, but it involves me storing your password (which I don’t know how to do safely yet).

Here’s a more advanced explanation of the system:
So I have a website, and this website’s link never changes. Whenever you visit this site, the site logs into my gimkit account, and creates a publish link for the game you want to visit. Then, instead of showing you my webpage, it redirects you to the publish link it just made. Because it just made the publish link a second a go, the link will not expire for another 7 days. However, when you go back to the site again, a new publish link will be generated, and because of this, the link ( will seem to never expire.


Dang it. It’s blocked

Some schools block and domains since they can be used to bypass blocking systems.

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Mine uses and doesn’t block replit but the agent automatically blocks for being security.proxy lol

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