How to make FNaF

Basically what the title says. I know there are other help posts but those are old and without a solution. I want to make something of a combination of FNaF 4 and 2 bc FNaF 4 is the easiest to make but also the least scary, and FNaF 2 has Toy Chica who is the scariest. How would I even make any of the mechanics or animatronics?

So, what specifically do you need help with? What are the mechanics supposed to do?

Well if you’ve ever played FNaF, the general idea is that you are a night guard for a pizza place and the animatronics are trying to kill you. So you have to use cameras to see where they are and use your flashlight to periodically check if there are any animatronics nearby. If there are you have to quickly put on the Freddy mask and they’ll leave you alone but if you take too long you get jumpscared


But in FNaF 4 it’s different. You are a kid in his bedroom and you have to check the hallways for animatronics. If you hear breathing, you have to close the door otherwise you get jumpscared. Otherwise you use the flashlight to reset the animatronics

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Welp, I’ve never played FNaF, so I’ll try my best:

  • The Freddy mask can be some sort of an item
  • A flashlight would be difficult: you would either use a coordinate system for light (but I bet you don’t want to) or use a weapon that shoots, of your choice
  • A closeable door could be a barrier that you can open and close with an invisible button
  • Cameras can be teleporters that move you to a spot that others can’t see you
  • An idea: one person is the guard/child, and the rest are the animatronics
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do you have any idea how to make the animatronics? specifically Toy Chica? She looks like this:

Are you going to use players or sentries as the animatronics?

I want it to be singleplayer so sentries/props ig

You could make moving props/textboxes.


I’ll check these out, thx for the help

Sorry the links didn’t work correctly. It was a quote from @wingwave on another project.

I can just click on it and it will take me to the OG post where I can click on the links

Yeah I know but it could have been faster.

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