How to make fast travel like it is in fishtopia

im trying to make a fishtopia-esc game

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Wire a vending machine to a speed changer. Select “When item purchased” and “Set speed”. In the speed changer, set the speed multiplier to whatever you want.

I meant with the boats and im thinking I wanted to play with the teleporters for this

you can place teleporters down and link them to the other islands, you just can’t have the boat prop.

is there a way that they would need an item to use them?

For button based fast travel:
Place a button, have it broadcast on a channel when pressed. Place a teleporter, and go to all options. Under, “teleport player here when receiving on”, put the channel the button broadcasts on.

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is there a way that they need to pay with an item to use them??

Place a vending machine, wire it to the button. In the wire, select “Item Purchased”, and “Activate Button”. Go into the button, and make it so it is deactivated by default. Then set the button scope to player.

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