How to make DOORS - By Fuzzy

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How to make DOORS - By @Fuzzy

  • So, the first step would be to make the elevator. Of course, you have to include the spawn pad.

This is how I did it by using the “Gym Floor” terrain as the floor, and the “Boardwalk” terrain as the walls.
I mean, it’s not the best… Yet…
Oh, and I also used “Dark Scraps” as the background.
Reference image -
Screenshot 2024-04-11 7.41.55 PM

(Don’t forget these options:)

  • After you do that, place a teleporter in the box you made with “Target group” set to 1, and “Visible In-Game” set to No.

  • Then, you must go somewhere else on your map, and place another teleporter once you build a base for the first room. Then, insert these options onto your teleporter.

  • Then, make sure you put the teleporter in the middle of where you made the second elevator.

Then add an opening to your elevator by using “exposed boardwalk” to make the exit of the elevator. Like this :


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Screenshot 2024-04-12 6.31.38 PM
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This is another version, a newer one, (Even though yours is pretty recent) and I will try to get EVERYTHING here. (I am not saying you won’t…) and also - I just want to make a simple guide.

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