How to make different places 0/10 or ⬜

Just a few more votes are needed to make the civilization! ( I added a fall-like pathway, so that should do it. )

Nice Guide!!
One question though: why are there normal trees on the beach and not palm trees?

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… How do I make a palm tree? …

You can always use an emoji :palm_tree: or use a guide. I know there’s at least one on how to make one.

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Oooh! Nice idea! Imma go fix that…

Fixed it! Ignore this… this is only here for the 20 character limit.

Why in the world is my palm tree guide in there. It’s probably the worst one out there (because there’s 2). Try using this one:

Ooh! I love that type! You could use that one if you wanted! I should add a thing, where it says, " Guides if you want more detail, "

Hey if you make a hill section you should make it 3d ( How to make stuff 3d - #20 by WolfTechnology )


all art guides are 0/10 or :white_large_square:

congrats on regular! can you change it to 0/10?

Thank you!
I can


I made it to where there is guides if you want more detail! :slight_smile: ( And gave credit to the people who made it, and reccomened it )

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I’ve decided I’m going to do the Atlantis civilization! ( Because it won :slight_smile: ) I will make it tomorrow.

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I have a question for you people. It may be off topic, but would anyone flag my post if I made a guide on different gim statues? Just curious before I actually start making it.

It depends…
I personally wouldn’t but if it’s short or seems like it’ll never be used, then probably.


I was going to make like king gimrick and pumpgim. You could use the king gimrick for a castle, maybe on the outside.

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I’d personally like to see it!

Chicken Legs!


This looks really cool! My only feedback would be to utilize terrain layers, especially when making the water.