How to make cycling gadgets! :D

so first you will need:

2 properties
2 counters
4 triggers
1 repeater
1 checker
1 IIM (inventory item manager)
1 lifecycle
1 starting inventory
and finally 8 item granters

the item tracking property

so first set down a property name it “ammo amount” and make it player scoped and numerical and then place down an IIM and make the tracked item “light shards” make the maximum amount one and make it update the “ammo amount” property

the first two item granters and trigger loop

so first place down two trigger and make them broadcast on “check ammo amount” put their delay as 0.0015 and wire them to each other and connect a lifecycle with “game start” as it’s event and then place two item granters one containing a zapper of any rarity with its starting ammo set at 1 and the other granting a rare wooden wand connect them both to the lifecycle

the checker and special delay system

so what this does is it stops you from getting a bug that either option 1 grants multiple gadgets or option 2 rapidly cycles through your weapons 5 or more times (I think)
so first place down a checker and make it check up on recieving on “check ammo amount” which was the channel from the second step and make its first check like this

then wire it to a 0 delay trigger then wire that same trigger to a counter with a target of one that broadcasts on “start timer” and resets upon “start timer” and then wire that same counter to the trigger [target reached=deactivate trigger] then place a repeater and make its settings like this

then wire the repeater to another counter with a target of 3 that broadcasts on restart trigger when target reached and resets upon target reached and then go to the 0 delay trigger and make it activate upon “restart trigger” then place another trigger down and wire it to the target 3 counter [target reached=trigger] this is done so it dosent repeat the cycle multiple times at the same time now we’ll get back to that trigger later rn we’re gonna do the other property also I forgot! wire the 0 delay trigger to an item granters that grants one lightshard your system so far should look like this

the "cycler" property and block code for it

so place down a number property that is player scoped and defaulted at 0 mess with no other settings than those
and go back to the trigger next to the counter the repeater connected to it with a target of 3
and put this block code in it

then place down a starting inv with one lightshard in it

the other 6 item granters

so place down 6 item granters make 3 of them negative 1 and pair them up with the positive ones and make their channels like this and make sure each corresponds to the gadget it is taking/or giving like this
the cycle text indicate which channels the item granters grant upon and after that you are done gratz! you have made a weapon cycling system feel free to modify it or ask for help on it in the replies below! now gimme a ur fox treats >:3


can you also do this with the rarities? as it is just another gadget. Or do they have to be different gadgets?

Nice guide but what can this be used for? No offense.

randomizing loot, faster weapon switch, and anysort of PVp thing.

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ohh ok that clears it up :grin:


they have to be different gadgets I mean you don’t want to be switching your weapons each time you reload right? also it can be used for option 1 “adding more inventory slots if modified correctly” or option 2 just having the option to cycle every 3 seconds but note it can be faster if instant reload is applied and it can be used for combat purposes too! I’m still working on it to make it better and what not but Im putting this as a guide so

  1. I can remember what I’m doing when I start working on it again
  2. for everyone to use and find uses for

and yes you can cycle rarities you just have to modify the system a bit my bad I thought you were talking about somethin else of the system I get confuzzled a lot :sweat_smile:

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That’s pretty cool!

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This is a VERY NICE guide, I can’t use it but I see sooooooo many uses for it (I got no fox treats, I have Gimdonalds fries tho, you want them?)

6666, what a random number, but back onto fox’s amazing guide!


:0 gimme dem fries

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Ok, here you go (Again a very nice guide, Wire this up to a timer, and BAM you have a constantly switching Blaster game)

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anyways back I go to my cave 0.o


Yall lets get back on topic :grin: