How to make custom classes (difficulty: 🟩)

Here is my tutorial on how to make a custom class system!
You will need:
1x button
1x game overlay
1st step:
enter the button’s menu and change the text to the name of your class (for me it is Dash).
2nd step:
enter the game overlay and make it NOT active on game start, and turn all settings for scope to player.
3rd step:
change the game overlay to a button in the game overlay menu, and type in the class’ name.
4th step:
wire the button to the game overlay and change it to “when button pressed activate overlay”.

In 4 quick steps you just made yourself a class system!
(i didnt add photos because im lazy)


this is my first guide so sorry if i got something wrong

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Nice guide!!!

i did, the button scope doesn’t have to be player btw, only the overlay.

Wait what? Maybe I’m just stupid, sorry

Nice guide!!

but I didn’t really understand it that much

(note:are you on chrome book?)

nope, but i am on chrome, i have an asus laptop

you are not dumb, you are very cool.

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you should’ve added images lol
also this is from gimkit bounty hunters, correct?

its a much simpler variant but yes

This was a really good tutorial! I’ll definitely be using this! :blush:

thank you! this is the first guide i have made in this forum!

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Welcome to the forum! This is a pretty good guide to start out with :smiley:

thx! i haven’t really posted here in a while, i had to take a break (i forgot my password)

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i agree. @PotionMaster is @Im_Pretty_Cool

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lol I understand completely! :smiley:

wow this is an old post

It is still useful to me…

tbh i might make a new tutorial

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custom class:


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