How to make crafting time longer instead of instantly

Hi i am trying to make a game where one of the level you need to farm vegetables. I am just a starter to gimkit creative so idk how to make crafting time longer instead of instantly

you can’t change that, its not a setting in the table, but if you want to make it fast for the crafter( person who made the item) you can turn on allow crafter to collect first and it will allow you to collect the item faster than normal.


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Maybe i can make the recipe take 100 grapes so they will take forever :smiling_imp:

that will work
would hate to be that farmer

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Yep i think that will work :smiling_imp:

I have a solution to make this longer.

that or you could just have the amount of time collecting the items take longer either yours or my idea should work.

it just need 5 things.

item granter.
crafting table
and text
plus crafting recipe

Yeah ok but I think the farmers will quit their jobs :rofl:

I am going to mark a solution

setting in crafting recipe:


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i don’t have that setting…

it’s in the recipe, not the table

first set a crafting recipe to not the thing that it suppose to craft but to something else but bait and the require item to make it

wire not needed

next wire the crafting table to the counter

and do this

then wire the counter to a item granter and put the actual item it gonna give when the counter reach a certain number for example

I put banana and

and the counter to 60

now channel time

put the counter increasement name to button

and when button pressed to button for the channel I put interaction duration to 1 this will manunal increase the counter.

and then when it reach 60s the player will get the actual item

and there u have it

I like farming! In minecraft!

they will get the actual item AND it take more time to get it

but it manual

and don’t worry each craft get resettled.

you probably have to do them different for each craft to get a different item.

that where text come in to lead them to the correct button and stuff.

this means for a different item different item granter button and counter.



Look in the crafting recipe.
This is not fake.


Oh lol did not realize that

I didn’t see that in the crafting table. bruh

welp I showed a manual way tho.

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