How to make chains [mini guide👌] (top down)

no offense but these chains kind of blow
they don’t look 3d at all and they don’t even connect at all

ok actually i did some testing and its really hard to make them do either of these
but still
could be better

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The sad thing is that I’m always on mobile, so I can’t copy things, and I can’t make these cause of that.

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Hmm, thanks for the input. Do you have any ideas to make text 3d?

Hmmm could you could you make this image on a wall?

ill try to :smiley: (ignore this I need 20)

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Hey don’t boop me and come back!


Great! if you can, can you get rid of the plate and bring back the circle barrier (the circle was better)

Also for your previous post, you can put random letters in between <> to make it invisible and get past the character limit, just make sure to not use special characters.

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The reason I had to use the plate so the barrier was way to big

Oh, you can use a text device, type in a period (may need to change the font), then change that period to the color you want.

bump also i got so off guard when i saw the title but nice guide