How to: make celestial objects [WIP] [DISCONTINUED]

hello guys! this shows how to make celestial objects!
list of them:
1: Star (near)
2: Star (far)
3: Planet (near)
4: Planet (far)
5: Black Hole
6: White Hole


@VoidFluffy for the idea

Star (near)

so, the star is made of 3 things: barrier, barrier, and barrier!

the light itself is not block, but it is unblock. the actual star is blocking people

Star (far)

copy da star and make it small

Planet (near)


Planet (far)



Nice wip ! Can’t wait to see the blackhole and whitehole.

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Same here!

My black hole guide:

COuldn’t you just use emojis to make this?

Yeah, but might not look as good

Cool guide! you should change the title to how to make a galaxy/solar system

i’m sorry i haven’t uploaded much, but i will add soon.

I bumped back into this post. It hasn’t been changed!