How to make buttons accessible during pre game (lobby)

I am making a cops and robbers game with a slight twist. I want the instructions to appear in the lobby but the “click to interact” doesn’t show up pre game. How do I make it so players can see the instructions or click the buttons.

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I don’t think you can

That is not possible I think sorry and mark a solution

the only devices that can be used during pre-game is teleporters, text, and barriers, other devices are not compatible during pre-game

you can use signs with text box

Yeah also barriers but not buttons (any interactive device will not work)

yeah also barriers, thanks @Mythemi

I did a tutorial and it said to use buttons and text. Bruh.

it will work during game, not pre-game, also if you got the answer mark a solution, and if you have more questions, make another topic.

This is because the lobby is technically pre-game, even though the game was started. Lobbies don’t always have to be before you start the game.

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