How to make barrier deactivate when two things are bought

Im making a one way out sequel and I want to have it so when you unlock lets say rare rarity and evil eye, evil eye rare barrier unlocks like in one way out

Get a vending machine (invisible) with the prices you want, and when the item is purchased, deactivate the barriers in front of your item spawners.

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I want to make it like one way out where if you buy uncommon rarity, if you bought the evil eye or something, the uncommon evil eye barrier is deactivated

like if you buy two things, the barrier deactivates

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You can use counters. Make a channel from this vending machine transmit option and press the option to deactivate the vending machine on purchase.
Screenshot 2024-06-09 9.55.53 AM
Then make a counter and set its target to 2. Go to the “Increment counter when receiving on” and use the channel you used for the vending machine.
Screenshot 2024-06-09 9.59.04 AM
Then add a channel for the “When target reached, transmit on” option.
Screenshot 2024-06-09 10.00.50 AM
Add a barrier, go to the “Deactivate when receiving on” and add the channel you put just now.
Screenshot 2024-06-09 10.03.40 AM

this is going to be a very long response :slight_smile:


how does this really work though?
I don’t understand it and can’t really modify it to make it how I want it

This is how it should look at the end.