How to make an openable prop (difficulty: 2/10 or 🟩)

Alr this is a pretty simple guide, but it’s not anywhere else on the forums and I thought this would be useful.

  1. Start by placing a prop. I chose a space container(on) because I thought it looked like it had shield potion in it.
  2. Place a button and set it to be invisible.
  3. Place an item granter and set it’s settings how you like, as it will reflect the behavior of the final device.
  4. Connect the button to the prop with wires so that once the button is pressed, the prop is hidden.
  5. Connect the prop to the button so that once the prop is hidden, the button is disabled.
  6. Connect the button to the item granter.
  7. (optional) If you want to be extra fancy, add another prop that starts off hidden but is shown when the button is pressed so that the prop has an “empty” sprite.
  8. Stack everything on top of each other.

Nice guide @NextLevel.

Nice guide, but maybe add some pictures as examples, because a large block of text is hard to read.


Nice guide! You might want to add a few pictures to this, since its a guide for props.

yeah I will add pics soon
edit: in the meantime I made it more readable


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Cool guide!

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