How to make an iphone in GKC

So I got bored and was looking to see if people had made any arrt guides on a phone, because like why not. So here is a guide on how to make a decent looking phone in GKC.

Step One: Screen
Make two barriers and color one Blue(Hex 148R, 201G, 214B) and the other Black(Hex 0R, 0G, 0B). Then stack the blue one ontop of the black and shrick the blue barrier so it looks like a screen.

Step Two: Home Button
Make two more circlular barriers and color one light grey(Hex 75R, 78G, 70B) and the dark grey one(Hex 43R, 41G, 39B) Then stack the light grey barrier on top of the dark grey barrier and make the light grey barrier.
Screenshot 2023-09-27 7.30.48 PM

Step Three: Apps
Get a barrier and make it into 3x smaller than the starting shape. You may change the color of the app to anything you would like. Next add Text over the barrier and add an emoji as the face of the app.
Screenshot 2023-09-27 7.15.09 PM

Step Four: Repeat
Repeat step three over and over untill you get 12 indevidual apps. Then add the apps in 4 rows of 3.
Screenshot 2023-09-27 7.31.31 PM

Step Five: Scroll Buttons
Add 5 circle barriers one white and the rest light gre(Hex 75R, 78G, 70B) and add them in a row to the bottom of the screen.
Screenshot 2023-09-27 7.30.43 PM

You can also add a battery emoji and a percentage and the time at the top of the screen.

And Boom you G-phone 15 is complete, now your gim will have the most stylish and fastest 5g phone on the market. Just a little bit to big too carry around.

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Maybe have the time and such in the top


Thanks for the suggestion, ill add that and the battery logo too.

Love it! Great Guide @WolfTechnology

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Whoa! I suggest you add a copy-and-paste for all those apps.

lol I want a G-phone too

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lol, who doesn’t? Well watch out verizon.

I made them all by addin new ones, but copying would have been easier now that i think about it.

you should link the calculator app to an actual calculator. Nice guide!


If you really want to do that:

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Nice guide, but isn’t this considered off-topic?


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I don’t believe so, it shows how to make it and it might be useful.

I am going to try this tomorrow

Nice, i like when others try my work, please let me know how difficult you think it is so i can rate the guide.

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G-phone :skull:

Also welcome to the Forums!

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okay i will tell you tommorow

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