How to Make an Exciting Hide and Seek Gamemode (Coolian)

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Should I make the chamber where the seeker spawns far from the rest of the map? Or just generally somewhere inside?

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It won’t matter if you use a camera view device.

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Welcome to the forums!
Yes, as getrithekd mentioned, if you use a camera device, the seeker won’t be able to see out of their box, but others can still see them. It’s up to you, you could put it far away, or in the middle of the map.


Welcome to the forum! It depends. If you put it right in the middle they’re have equal coverage everywhere.


Welcome to the forum @MasterCyborg612 read this to help get you started I Just Started Gimkit Creative. What do I do? {The ultimate beginner's guide to Gimkit Creative} - #21

By the way, that’s for people new to gimkit itself. Some people in the forum may be new to it but not to gimkit.


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How do I make my weapon start at 0 instead of 20? PS: I am using a zapper

I don’t think there is a current way to do this sadly, but I might be wrong. You could just find a workaround. What do you want it for?

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To get the players. But I might as well use a Quantum Portal or a Tag Zone.

I was playing hide and seek with BUMP and found him! BUMP!

I think it was a good idea and you could also give the hiders upgrades in like a game overlay

I’m loving it

How do you make the leaderboard?

It depends what you want to focus on, but I would probably make the leaderboard track knockouts, so you could see how many players the seeker got. Then I would set an end game widget to show in larger letters whether the seeker won, or the hiders won. So when the game ended, you would focus on whether the hiders or the seeker won, then you could see how many hiders the seeker got.
If you needed more help on the end game widget, I recommend checking out the Ultimate Guide to Every Device Part 2 to learn more about its settings.


Hi, how would I be able to make it so then when someone gets found, they get added to the seekers team?

Just wire the Tag Zone(When you tag the player when they are found) to a team switcher which switches the player to the Seeker’s team, @PoggerMatt. Im_Pretty_Cool is inactive, so she can’t answer. Also, Welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy it here!

welcome to the forums!

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